one class for every "body"

Experience a unique and transformative approach to pilates that will have you feeling not just stronger, longer, and leaner but also relieved of physical tension and mental stress. Create sustainable and lasting change that will help you feel and look your most confident. Whether Pilates is second nature to you, or if you’re a beginner, a mom, business woman or both… The Pilates Class is for you.

the pilates class difference

With over 140 videos and a brand new weekly workout, every week, to choose from, you’ll find a workout for every mood. Jacqui’s unique approach and guidance will set a new standard for your body and what it deserves

Pilates how you like it

Over 20 filtering options and easy to access favorites allow you to personalize your experience. Find videos by duration, intensity, type, and even how sweaty (or not) you want to get.

Workout anywhere, anytime

Find the exact movement your body needs, whenever it needs it. You can join in using our iOS and Android apps, from your laptop, or airplayed to your TV. We even offer darkmode and ligthmode options on every device to keep it easy on your eyes.

Reach your goals

Stay motivated with easy to follow programs and schedules and the ability to see your completed videos. When you need that extra bit of energy, you can listen to our TPC playlists.


Start your transformation

Whether you want to feel healthier, stronger, happier, or sexier, The Pilates Class is for you! 


Nourish Me is a downloadable 30 day nutritional ebook created by Jacqui Kingswell, co-founder of The Pilates Class in partnership with UK qualified nutritionist, Lola Ross to provide nutritional guidance and inspiration throughout this e-book.

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