How to Embrace Feminine Leadership Everyday to Reduce Burnout and Hormone Disruption 

How to Embrace Feminine Leadership Everyday to Reduce Burnout and Hormone Disruption 

By Monica Yates

Whilst we all might want to wear the #girlboss as a badge of honor, the reality is this culture of hustling, surviving on coffee, and doing a million things at once ends in burnout, hormonal disruption, skin issues, digestive upset, and our relationships being put on the back burner. 

When we allow ourselves to work with our bodies as women and understand that we have sensitive nervous systems, we will sustainably experience greater success, growth, and better health. Instead of driving 100km/h in an 80 zone, getting pulled over, and now being late to work (so you can’t even get into the hustle to ‘get more done’ anyway), you get to win long-term when you have the mindset of ‘sustainable growth’ and ‘sustainable health.’

One of the common symptoms I see in my clients whose bodies are struggling with their workload is skin issues. Our skin is deeply connected to our emotions. When we want to ‘hide,’ not be seen, or we are suppressing something that we’re not expressing to someone else or ourselves, our skin will show it, whether it be rashes, acne, eczema, or dermatitis. Moreover, when we’re pumping out too much cortisol and adrenaline, it reduces our levels of progesterone. This directly affects your estrogen levels, causing major hormonal dysregulation and resulting in skin issues. 

What can you start to do during the day so you aren’t burning the candle at both ends? 

Use your intuition more when making business decisions. What feels right? Even if it doesn't make sense to you logically, whatever feels right, you'll be able to 'back' more and do a better job with it. It takes the decision-making away from the battle in your head, and you get to trust that answer that gets you in your body. Not only will it yield better results, but you'll also be saving time. 

Take multiple breaks throughout your day to just breathe and 'be.' Make a cup of tea, sit down, and do nothing for 10 minutes. Go put your feet in the grass and soak up the sun. GO walk around the block without your phone. Close your laptop for 5 minutes and meditate.

Know that help is *sexy*. What are some things you could pass off to someone else? Even if you don't "want to" -- hello ego. Because the woman that you want to do it all, just not by herself. There is no possible way that I could do everything I want and not have help. I wouldn't be sleeping. We do have a limit on the number of hours in a day, so you must be using them in the way that you get the highest ROI. If you're not a coder, yet you're spending 10 hours a day trying to code your new website, and you're trying to fit in a healthy lifestyle, going out on dates, having hot sex, cooking homemade meals, talking to friends and sell online to make money… that just literally cannot happen.

Ensure you have an ‘end of the work day’ routine that allows you to drop back into your feminine energy and let go of the day. It could be a shower, changing your clothes, going for a walk, having a cup of tea, and sitting outside. It can be anything that calms your nervous system and does not involve a phone! 

Have masculine ‘structure’ in your days to allow your feminine to feel safe in knowing that everything will get done. A mistake that is often made when women are working on being ‘more feminine’ is that they completely irradicate everything masculine in their lives. When actuality, your feminine cannot be safely expressed without the masculine. Think of the masculine like a mug… you cannot make tea without a mug. So you need your masculine structure to allow your body (the feminine) to relax.

Let’s remember that feminine leadership doesn’t mean you cannot work hard. It’s about ensuring that your execution will support your body long-term. 

I invite you to take 2 minutes to write down what you will do today that will really nourish your body. 

Monica’s Bio
Monica is a trauma healer, feminine/masculine embodiment coach, and period whisperer (for women). She’s the host of Feminine As F*ck Podcast, a soon-to-be author, and runs a 7 figure business helping people from all walks of life across the globe break free of the trauma & energetic blocks that hold them back from living their dream life. Over the past 6 years working with her clients, she has developed numerous life-changing programs and events with her signature, original modalities that have healed thousands of people from their trauma and triggers so that they can manifest their dream life.

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