How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine After a Wellness Slump

How to Get Back into a Healthy Routine After a Wellness Slump

Stuck in a wellness slump? You’re not alone. From the lasting fatigue of long covid, to chronic illnesses, to stress and burnout; millions of people are struggling to feel good again – no matter how motivated they may feel. 

If you’re ready to shake the dust off your Pilates mat after a period of recovery but aren’t sure where to start, these gentle steps towards wellness will help you rebuild your routine and your resilience.

Step 1: Start with a Smart Strategy
Before we dive into what you should do, it’s important to understand why and how to reclaim your healthy lifestyle. Starting with a clear strategy not only helps you create your new routine, but also helps you stick to it, because it is tailored to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting back on track after (or during) your recovery

  • Easy does it
    Recovering from an illness is no easy task. If you feel worn out or foggy-headed, that’s normal – and a sign that you should give your body some grace as you ease back into your wellness routine. With any new habit, it’s smart to start gently and build up to more challenging activities and intensities. You will still see substantial progress, and you’ll avoid overwhelm and burn out.
  • Build your routine step by step
    Sustainable healthy routines are built habit by habit, not by overhaul. This is especially true if you have recently been run down by illness, stress, or major life changes.
    Rather than try to adopt a completely brand-new routine, work in one or two healthy habits at a time. As they become a natural part of your day, you can add new habits to grow your routine.
  • Get inflammation under control
    Whether you’ve just been sick or have dealt with chronic illness for a while, it’s likely that inflammation is lingering in your system. In small doses, inflammation helps your body heal. It’s an immune response that helps fight pathogens and target injured areas. But chronic, low-grade inflammation can overstay its welcome and delay your full recovery.
    Addressing inflammation early and often will help restore your balance faster and prevent future illnesses. The good news? Many healthy habits naturally work to reduce inflammation and support your immunity. 
Step 2: 5 Simple Tips and Habits for Revitalizing Your Healthy Routine
Ready to start rebuilding your wellness routine? Try these simple tips to get back into the flow with practices that fuel your body, clear your mind, and support your health from within!

  • Focus on flexibility
    Being flexible is key to a healthy lifestyle. We’re not just talking about exercises that help you stretch (although that’s a great place to start). We’re also talking about practices that are easy to adjust. Healing is never linear. Some days you’ll feel great and want a challenge, some days you’ll need to calm and restore. Pilates, yoga, and stretching classes can all be modified to give your body the support it craves that day.
  • Warm up and cool down longer
    An extra long warm-up and cool-down can make a huge difference when returning to exercise after illness. You’ll better prepare your body for movement and prevent any muscle soreness and fatigue that could put you back on the bench.
  • Balance your body with restful poses
    Did you know that certain poses can help you improve your circulation, regulate digestion, release tension, fight inflammation, and boost your mood? One of our absolute favorite restorative poses for overall wellness is a guided leg elevation. Practicing this pose is a simple way to work a moment of self-care into your daily routine.
    • Fight stress (and inflammation) with meditation
      Stress is a major part of most of our lives, especially if you have been working hard to overcome an illness. And here’s the kicker – along with negatively impacting our mental health, stress also increases harmful inflammation in the body. Thankfully, you can stop stress and quiet your mind in as little as ten minutes when you use the power of meditation.
    • Try turmeric
      One of the best (and most delicious) ways to clear excess inflammation is through antioxidant-rich superfoods. Golden and earthy, turmeric is a delicious anti-inflammatory and antioxidant spice that is a joy to cook with. Add to your favorite recipes or try these turmeric-based classics to support your immune system:
    Getting back into a healthy routine after illness doesn’t have to be a struggle. All it takes is a gentle approach and the motivation to live well. With The Pilates Class, you can jumpstart your return to wellness with a range of classes that support you in recovery and beyond. Sign up today to get started! 
    1. To overcome a wellness slump, start with a smart strategy. Build your routine step by step and ease into it.
    2. Focus on flexibility - it’s an underrated key to a healthy lifestyle.
    3. Prepare your body for movement and prevent muscle soreness by extending your warm up and cool down periods.
    4. Get your inflammation under control with turmeric. Addressing inflammation early and often will help restore your balance faster and prevent future illnesses.
    5. Start meditating on a daily basis to reduce stress, decrease inflammation and overcome illness.