Hello beautiful TPC Members! 

I am your brand new yoga instructor, Sunshine. I can’t believe the secret is finally out! I am so honored to be a part of your community and can’t wait to join you all on your health and wellness journeys.

In my teaching, I blend together ancient traditions of yoga from India where I studied, with contemporary techniques designed to accommodate a diverse array of body types and skill levels from all walks of life.

As a former Junior Olympic athlete in the sport of gymnastics, I pushed my body to its limits, enduring physical stress and numerous injuries. Even after transitioning into martial arts, my body struggled to recover properly, leading to more injuries. My immune system and mental well-being suffered as I consistently operated in a state of heightened stress, often accompanied by lack of sleep.

Yoga became my lifeline, saving me then and every day since. The fusion of conscious breathwork (pranayama), meditation, and mindful movement has not only enhanced my mobility and flexibility but also serves as a powerful preventive measure against injuries. It has strengthened my immune system and granted me the gift of restful sleep.

Yet, the true essence of yoga lies in its unparalleled ability to help me navigate stress and heal from personal trauma. I am profoundly grateful to share this transformative practice with each of you, supporting you in your pursuit of balance and helping you achieve an elevated quality of life.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my gratitude for embarking on this yoga journey with me through the TPC platform. I eagerly anticipate our practice together!

Xxx Sunshine