Replenish Yourself with Jacqui Kingswell and Devin Brugman

Replenish Yourself with Jacqui Kingswell and Devin Brugman

As the old adage goes, all good things come in threes - Rachel, Phoebe and Monica; pizza, pasta and red wine; Jacqui, JT and Dom; the list is endless! In order to adhere to this golden rule and ensure TPC reaps the luck of the three's, Jacqui has been working tirelessly on a VERY exciting project for you all.

Without further ado, it is our honor to introduce you to our THIRD recipe guide, Replenish Me!

Jacqui loves creating beautiful meals in the kitchen as it allows her to focus on the present moment by taking in the smells, listening to music and focusing on the process. She loves that it brings people together and is the perfect opportunity to nourish her nearest and dearest. For this recipe guide, Jacqui wanted to share her love for just that, so enlisted the help of her dear friend, Devin Brugman.

Some of Devin’s fondest memories have been centered around food - from grocery shopping to cooking, eating to sharing stories around the table, she loves the way meals bring people together. Devin grew up in Hawaii where there is a massive focus on organically grown food and a true respect for the land, so she was raised to understand the importance of a nutritious, well balanced diet. Like her mom, she loves cooking and homemaking and both serve her as huge sources of mental relaxation and therapy.

Jacqui and Devin have creatively partnered on this recipe guide to inspire, nourish and nurture your meals from morning to night. Replenish Me is an accumulation of feel-good recipes that are fun to cook, delicious to eat and perfect for sharing. From weekly go-to meals and indulgent treats to quick snacks and dinner party showstoppers, we’ve got you covered! The guide also contains Jacqui and Devin’s tips on hosting, cooking their recipes and feeding your mind, body and soul.

With 30 nutrient dense recipes, Replenish Me has been designed so you too can enjoy the process and nourish yourself and your loved ones with a home cooked meal.

Replenish Me, Available Now!