TPC Takes Los Angeles

TPC Takes Los Angeles
Picture this: the palm trees are swaying and the warm sun is flooding your skin as you make your way to Hudson Loft in Downtown LA. You are met with your favorite group of likeminded TPC members for a morning of Pilates, friendship and, of course, coffee! We were fortunate enough to have Devin Brugman host the morning and her sweet nature was nothing short of inviting, warm and energetic!
Jacqui began the morning with an intense 45 minute full body workout, which incorporated moves from all of our class categories on the platform. It was super important for Jacqui to provide the FULL TPC experience for you all, and boy, did she deliver! The feel-good endorphins were pumping around the room and nobody could wipe the smiles from their faces!
Following the class was a calming sound bath by Sound of Zoe. Her incredible talent flooded everyone with positive vibrations and really shifted the energy to the next level! This 10 minute session re-centered the room and gave everyone time to gather their thoughts before a Q&A session with Jacqui and Devin Brugman!
Jacqui and Devin took to the stage, where no question was too personal! They discussed topics like friendship, business, pregnancy and traveling, and also provided advice to those who asked. The duo thoroughly enjoyed being able to sit down, connect with each member and finally get to see your faces in the flesh!
Again, a true highlight of this morning was being able to see everyone together, whether they knew each other or not, mingling, sharing stories and creating lifelong friendships over juice and coffee! It’s not often we get to see our members in one room, so this was a truly heartwarming experience from start to end.
That was the magic of Los Angeles! We couldn't have asked for a better kick-off to the North Hem leg of our world tour. Our incredible members brought contagious energy and enthusiasm to every move and conversation. We truly felt the love and connection that only a supportive community can provide. 
Next up, the big apple!