TPC Takes Toronto

TPC Takes Toronto
Our TPC love affair with Canada reached new heights in the beautiful city of Toronto. From the moment the doors opened, we were embraced by a warm and diverse community that cherishes wellness in all its forms. We could feel the vibrant spirit of the city resonating within each and every one of you!
Not unlike our other tour events, we got straight down to business and began the morning with Jacqui leading her 45 minute class. The collective determination and positivity in the room was extremely inspiring as members not only challenged themselves, but each other, too! Everyone sweated it out and worked those muscles like there was no tomorrow. It was incredible to see!
Our second last sound bath of the tour was led by Bianca Lee, who took members on a soulful journey with her melodic soundscapes and healing vibrations. The ambiance went from energetic and powerful to serene and tranquil within a matter of minutes! It allowed the members to connect with their inner selves and left them feeling uplifted and ready for anything that comes their way!
As this was Devin’s final morning of hosting the tour, she left no stone unturned in her Q&A with Jacqui! The members got down to the nitty gritty with the dynamic duo and were able to converse, share stories and provide advice to one another. The knowledge flowing around the room was incredible and we’re so glad each member got the opportunity to be involved!
Toronto, your presence and enthusiasm truly made this an unforgettable experience.We shared laughter, sweat, and transformative moments throughout our entire event. There is so much beauty in coming together to support one another on your individual journeys and we will forever hold you all so dearly in our hearts. We love you more than poutine and maple syrup!
Now, to cross the ditch to our final stop in London!