TPC Vacay: How To Feel Your Best On Holiday Based On Your Mood

TPC Vacay: How To Feel Your Best On Holiday Based On Your Mood

The sun is out, temperature is rising, and your suitcase is packed… You know what that means: it’s vacay time! And guess what TPC Members? WE’RE COMING WITH YOU! We know how hard you work all year round to stay consistent with your fitness and wellness routines, so why stop now? No matter where you are in the world, what the time is or what mood you’re in, we will be at your fingertips to have you feeling your best on your vacation and beyond!

It can be tricky to stick to your routine whilst on holiday, however, with TPC, all you have to do is press play! We have carefully designed our TPC Vacay Moods program for you, so you can enjoy the convenience of our online platform anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re feeling energetic, relaxed, under the weather, or anxious, we've got the perfect classes to suit your mood and make your vacation workouts a breeze.

Let's dive into the TPC Vacay Moods Starter Packs and explore the classes and tips tailored to each mood:

1. Energetic
Feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day? Our energetic mood is perfect for when you're up for sightseeing and adventure. Get your heart pumping and sweat it out with these energizing classes:

  • 29min HIIT Those Goals and Sweat 3
  • 40min 80’s Inspired Workout
  • 38min Strength and HIIT 3

Keep the good vibes rolling by pairing your workout with a TPC playlist on Spotify. For an extra challenge, pack your Level Up Resistance Bands and Ankle Weights in your carry on luggage to amp up the intensity. After a high-intensity class, refuel your body with lean proteins like chicken, eggs, and protein smoothies.

2. Relaxed
When you're feeling content, zen, and ready to ground yourself, our relaxed mood is just what you need. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and find your inner peace with these classes:

  • 29min Set Intentions and Connect
  • 29min Focus, Strength and Balance
  • 36min Yoga Inspired Class 2 

Start your morning with a long walk, accompanied by a podcast or some relaxing music. Disconnect from social media and indulge in activities that nourish your relaxed state, such as journaling, reading, playing board games, or treating yourself to a massage. After your workout, take some extra time to stretch and unwind. 

3. Under the Weather
Woke up feeling under the weather? We've got you covered with our classes tailored to help you ease into your day. Whether it's a result of last night's indulgence or holiday hanxiety, these classes will help you feel better:

  • 29min Focus, Strength and Balance
  • 28min Fluid Flow
  • 29min Feel Good Pilates Essentials

Start your day by rehydrating your body with a big glass of water and fuel up with a nutritious breakfast to ease nausea and provide energy. Opt for workouts with slow, controlled movements to avoid depleting yourself further.

4. Anxious
Feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and in need of a reset? Our anxious mood is here to help you calm your mind and find your center. Combat anxiety with these soothing classes:

  • 12min Mind and Body Reconnect
  • 6min Functional Breathing
  • 10min Sound Meditation for Stress

Create a peaceful environment by clearing your space, lighting a candle, opening a window, and basking in the sunlight. Start your workout with a breathwork class to ease into movement. During your workout, focus solely on your breath and movement to strengthen your mind-body connection. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your instructor's cues. 

No matter what mood you're in, TPC has the perfect classes and tips to make your vacation workouts enjoyable and rewarding. So pack your bags, bring us on your phone, and let us be your workout buddies wherever you go!

Remember, with TPC Vacay, you can work out anywhere, anytime. So, get ready to sweat, relax, and have a blast on your well deserved vacation!