Vacay Essentials: Our Favorite Brands For Traveling

Vacay Essentials: Our Favorite Brands For Traveling

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or about to embark on your first trip, deciding what to pack can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Holiday-goers often ask themselves things like, ‘how many outfits are too many?’, ‘will I really need that back-up bottle of foundation?’, and, ‘how on earth am I going to keep within the luggage weight limit?’. We’ve all been there and we understand the struggle! To remove the stress from packing and ensure you are perfectly prepared for your upcoming adventure, we have put together a list of our favorite travel items that are essential for every trip. 

Luggage: July
If you’re going away, you’re going to need a bag, right? And who says travel can’t be stylish! July has revolutionized the luggage game with their chic, durable and functional bags and suitcases. With lightweight designs, built in chargers and unbreakable features, July will help you focus on the parts of traveling you love.

Carry On: Cee Clear
After packing, airport security is arguably the second most overwhelming aspect of embarking on your journey. Your flimsy ziplock bags holding your liquids have already snapped, you’re trying to quickly regather your items and someone behind you starts moaning that they’re going to miss their flight - stressful, right?! With Cee Clear, you can say goodbye to the stress of airport security with their sleek transparent accessories. From cosmetic cases to tote bags, this brand has the TSA’s stamp of approval.

Tech Accessories: The Dairy
Ensure your gadgets are not only well protected, but well recognizable, with tech accessories from The Dairy. From phone cases to airpod cases, clickits to laptop sleeves, rest assured your smart devices are safe and sophisticated in high quality, completely customizable products.

A Golden Glow: Eleffect
Want that sunkissed look without having to actually sunbake? Eleffect’s incredible range of self tanning products will have you bronzed and glowing in no time! Remove the risk of awkward tan lines and sun damage with this safe, sunless cult favorite!

Organization: The Daily Edited
Being organized on vacation doesn’t mean you have to look like a holiday dad with a binder full of printed tickets, itineraries and passports. The Daily Edited offers personalized leather and lifestyle accessories, including travel wallets, passport holders and luggage tags to keep all your essentials in order. Investing in these stylish must-haves means no more loose papers or bulky binders!

Gut Health: The Beauty Chef
Our tummies can often struggle with dietary changes including new food groups and increased alcohol, which is why looking after your gut health on vacation is so important! The Beauty Chef provides a range of ingestible products packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to support your digestive system so you can stay radiant from the inside out!

Sun Protection: Ultraviolette
One of the most simple ways to protect your skin from harmful UV rays is to apply sunscreen! For high quality, lightweight formulas with broad-spectrum protection, we can’t go past Ultra Violette. Spend your summer days soaking up the sun with the know

Beachwear: Monday Swimwear
Known for their iconic feminine designs, immaculate fit and advocacy for body positivity, Monday Swimwear is our go-to for bikinis and one pieces. Whether you’re at the beach, by the pool or anywhere in between, you will be feeling confident and looking divine in their flattering pieces.

There you have it, TPC Members! Our favorite brands for all your travel essentials. We hope you have the smoothest journey possible and make the most incredible memories that will last a lifetime! Bon voyage!