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TPC Community, get ready to kick off 2023 with a bang! Introducing our first ever, POWER PILATES CHALLENGE!

This January, we will be focusing on strength, building resilience and cultivating physical and mental growth! This challenge will consist of a combination of strength and cardio classes to ensure you kick off the new year with a powerful body and mind. Don’t forget — your future self will thank you for the choices you make today.

We know how much an accountability partner helps keep you on track especially after the holiday season, so we have created a discount code for all new subscribers to receive ONE MONTH FREE to join the JANUARY POWER PILATES CHALLENGE! Use the code - POWERMONTHLY at the checkout when signing up. Or if you want to level up with an annual subscription, use the code - POWERANNUAL - for 20% off.

Please be advised your one month free will begin from the day the code POWERMONTHLY is used. This code can also only be applied via our website — www.thepilatesclass.com. It cannot be applied via the Apple or Google Store.

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