The LA Studio

an immersive and holistic studio space
that truly encompasses the TPC vibe

The experience at the TPC studio is so much more than just a workout. We want our clients to feel energized but also grounded when walking out of class. A space that welcomes all, whether someone is new to Pilates or a Pilates Pro, if they're pregnant or postnatal, the TPC Studio is inclusive and community driven.

The TPC Studio


Our Classes

Our Full Body Pilates classes are our signature full body workout which includes traditional and modern pilates exercises as well as focusing on strengthening the core, sculpting your assets and breath work. These classes will have you perfecting your pilates principles, technique, balance and alignment while getting your heart rate up!

Class Intensity: Satisfying - Intense

Our Pilates Essentials classes are filled with your traditional Pilates moves and techniques – perfect for all beginners or Pilates pro’s who are wanting to refine their technique! This class will have you focusing on your balance and control while leaving you feeling connected to your body and relaxed within your mind.

Class Intensity: Satisfying - Intense

Our reformer classes are perfect for building strength and flexibility while utilizing the resistance from the reformer machine. These classes will ensure you have the correct alignment and will challenge you in new ways with the springs, straps and foot bar. Strap in and get ready to balance, shake and burn!

Class Intensity: Satisfying - Intense

Don’t be fooled by the name… Our Slow Burn classes are slower paced but will definitely have you feeling that TPC burn. These slower, controlled movements will help you build strength and endurance while sculpting and toning.

Class Intensity: Satisfying - Intense

Grab those sweat towels because our Energy Boost classes will have you full of endorphins and have that heart rate up. These classes are high intensity but our trainers will have modifications for those with injuries or for those who don’t want to jump. You can be sure you’ll walk out of this one feeling energized and worked!

Class Intensity: Intense

This class specifically targets the assets we know you love to work and give that little extra TLC to… you guessed it - abs and booty. These classes are perfect for anyone wanting to focus on a certain muscle group and work it just that little bit harder. No matter what level you’re at, our trainers will always give you modifications to make the workout more or less challenging to suit you and your goals!

Class Intensity: Satisfying - Intense

For any private lessons, classes or events please book directly with our studio manager Jenny at

Private mat studio lessons can hold up to 17 members. Private reformer classes are for one or two people only. These private lessons can be tailored to your specific needs i.e. pre or post natal, recovery classes, introductory or if you have a specific fitness goal you are wanting to achieve.

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608 Westmount Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Across from Urth Cafe


Free validated 75 minute parking is available in the lot at 624 N La Cienega Blvd.



We want to give all of our TPC members the opportunity to feel the in-studio TPC Burn and book their spot on the mat. We encourage you to please read the cancellation policy carefully.

Early Cancel:
Need to cancel a pre-booked class? No worries. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations must be done 24 HOURS OR MORE PRIOR to class start time. You will receive a full refund that will go back onto your account. Any changes can be done online through MINDBODY.

Late Cancel :
If you have to cancel WITHIN 24 HOURS of class start time, this will be considered a LATE CANCEL and you will be charged as if you attended the class. This change can also be done online through MINDBODY.

No Show:
No shows to class will also be charged as if you attended the class.

We understand that life happens and unpredictable circumstances can occur. Please email the studio manager at for any questions you may have. We are here to help.

The TPC studio has a 5 minute lock out period in order to protect our members and trainers from any unwanted distractions that could lead to injury. Given that LA traffic is THE WORST, please allow ample time to arrive at your class 5-10 mins prior to start. The studio door will be locked for safety reasons after this time and you will not be refunded for your class.

New to the TPC studio? We’ve got you.
Here's a few things to note:
- Arrive 10 minutes early so you can meet your trainer, get to know the space and start your class feeling settled and prepared.
- Just bring yourself and a water bottle — we will take care of the rest. We will supply all the equipment you will need for the class, so no need to bring along anything.
- If you’re new to Pilates or a Pilates pro, our trainers will nurture you on and off the mat - the hardest part is getting there, everything from there on is a bonus!

If you are an active TPC member online annual subscription user you are eligible for a one time 20% discount code on our in person classes! Please email the studio for your code!

The TPC studio is all about clean vibes and we want all of our members to be healthy and well. If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms or know that you have Covid please do not come to class. We will also provide hand sanitizers and cleaning products throughout the studio for our members' use.

For any of our reformer classes, we require that all clients wear grip socks for the duration of their session. This is to ensure your safety on the apparatus as well as maintain a clean and hygienic space for you to practice in. We offer socks for purchase should you forget to bring your own. Thank you for your understanding.