Mommas To Be

To all my beautiful pregnant women, congratulations, I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful journey and to train and support you throughout your pregnancy. Below is a basic guideline to what I recommend it safe for you to do in the class and what to avoid, but keep in mind I am not a medical professional and I, of course, do not know your personal conditions or stage of pregnancy. Consult your physician or health care provider before starting or containing the Pilates Class program while pregnant.


Take out any abdominal crunches after your first trimester.
Don’t exhaust yourself, a light to moderate exercise program should be the aim.
Avoid laying on your back for long extended periods of time (as it can put pressure on vena cava- disruption of venous return), but if it feels ok to do so, being on your back for a short period is ok if it works for you. And of course, no more laying on your tummy.
Take the modifications we give in our classes. Listen to your body and be kind. Low impact exercises are the preferred option. Stay hydrated throughout our classes and take breaks whenever you need.
Focus on strengthening your glutes in all four series, side lying series or when in doubt squat!! As your instructor I will give you modifications, but of course - please watch our prenatal videos and classes to get familiar with the modified exercises for you.