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Nourish Me by Jacqui Kingswell

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Nourish Me is a downloadable 30 day nutritional ebook created by Jacqui Kingswell, co-founder of The Pilates Class. Food is an essential part of Jacqui’s routine, not only in how it serves her body and mind but also in how it brings so much joy to her day-to-day life. Jacqui has partnered with UK qualified nutritionist, Lola Ross to provide nutritional guidance and inspiration throughout this e-book. Lola believes the food we eat contributes to making us look and feel energized, balanced and vibrant. 

This guide offers 50 of Jacqui's personal recipes that are so delicious and mouth-watering that you will be craving them for years to come. By adding these nutrient dense, simple recipes into you repertoire, or following the 30 day guide, you will see an improvement in your overall mental and physical health. Nourish Me recipes are vegetarian but are completely customizable and inclusive for all with protein options and vegan substitutes for all recipes. Within the 100+ pages you will also be provided with valuable nutritional information such as supplement support, the importance of hydration, ketogenic and healthy weight loss guidance, sustainable practices and much more. Jacqui created these recipes so you will feel happy, nourished and fulfilled with the foods you create, setting a new standard for your body and what it deserves.