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Pilates Mat

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*this item is final sale The TPC Mat pre-order is sold out. Enter the waitlist to be first to know when it's in stock. The TPC Pilates Mat is designed to be your personal space in which you can connect with your body and mind. The TPC Mat will transform your pilates session by providing you the stability and grip necessary to maximize your pilates flow, as well as, the cushion and space for stretching or meditating. Our thoughtfully designed mat allows you to ground your practice, supporting you through all your moves, from burpees to bridges. The TPC Mat’s slip-resistant material will minimize strain on your joints and muscles allowing you to remain focused on your form - even during your sweatiest sessions!

Slip-resistant material (even when wet)
Professional quality, long lasting durability
Polyurethane surface/ natural rubber base
Tear resistant
Dimensions: 6ft x 2.2ft x 5mm (1.8m x 0.67m x 5mm)
Weight: Approximately 7lbs (3.1kgs)

Store your mat by rolling it length-wise, top side facing outward.
To clean your mat, use a mat cleaner or add water and a few drops of white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray a small amount of solution onto a microfiber towel and wipe down your mat without scrubbing too harshly. Clean once or twice a week for regular use and at least once a month for general use.
The TPC Pilates Mat is not machine washable and should not be bleached, ironed or dry cleaned.