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Replenish Me by Jacqui Kingswell & Devin Brugman

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Introducing Replenish Me! Our third downloadable recipe guide! Jacqui has creatively partnered with one of her close friends, Devin Brugman, to inspire, nourish and nurture your meals from morning to night. 

Replenish Me is an accumulation of feel-good recipes that are fun to cook, delicious to eat and perfect for sharing. From weekly go-to meals and indulgent treats to quick snacks and dinner party showstoppers, we’ve got you covered! The guide also contains Jacqui and Devin’s tips on hosting, cooking their recipes and feeding your mind, body and soul.

Containing 30 nutrient dense recipes, Jacqui and Devin have designed Replenish Me for you to enjoy the cooking process and nourish yourself and your loved ones with a home cooked meal.